Kokkugia: Roland Snooks and Rob Stuart-Smith

Kokkugia is a progressive architecture and urban design practice exploring generative and emergent design methods modeled primarily after self-organizing behavior found in biology (resulting in what they call “non-linear” architecture). Its run by Roland Snooks (currently teaching at Columbia GSAPP) and Robert Stuart-Smith and is based out of London and New York. Amazing work awaits […] Continue reading →

Patrick Shumacher on “Parametricism”

Patrik Schumacher is a partner at Zaha Hadid Architects. He is an accomplished architect and educator having influenced and entire generation of avant garde architectural practitioners. In 2008 he published the Parametric Manifesto, wherein he argued parametric architecture will have an equal affect on the future of design in the field comparable to modernism itself. […] Continue reading →

British Biological Architecture Administration: Futuristic Water Competition and More

The British Biological Administration is hosting a Futuristic Water Competition. Their site is pretty vague as far as the competition deadline or prize announcements, it seems to have been scheduled to be revealed in June but the main page claims the deadline has been pushed well into 2012. Regardless, their site is a great resource […] Continue reading →
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