Flectofin by the University of Stuttgart’s Institute of Building Structure and Structural Design

Inspired by the valvular pollination mechanism in the Strelitzia reginae flower (commonly known as the Bird-Of-Paradise) the flectofin is a hinge less louver system that is capable of shifting its fin 90 degrees by inducing bending stresses in the spine caused by displacement of a support or change of temperature in the lamina. The product was developed by Simon Schleicher and the […] Continue reading →

Kokkugia: Roland Snooks and Rob Stuart-Smith

Kokkugia is a progressive architecture and urban design practice exploring generative and emergent design methods modeled primarily after self-organizing behavior found in biology (resulting in what they call “non-linear” architecture). Its run by Roland Snooks (currently teaching at Columbia GSAPP) and Robert Stuart-Smith and is based out of London and New York. Amazing work awaits […] Continue reading →
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