Hydro-Fold – ECAL & Christophe Guberan

Hydro-Fold (no not hygro) is a fascinating technique of folding that automatically begins to assume a three dimensional shape upon being printed from a normal ink jet machine. Invited by its Director Marva Griffin to the 15th anniversary of theSalone Satellite, on the theme “Design Technology”, the ECAL (University of Art and Design Lausanne) presents an installation […] Continue reading →

Swaying Pine-Like Shade Structure by ARTEKS

ARTEKS architecture from Andorra have recently designed an outdoor shading system inspired by the local trees observed on site. Inhabitat did an excellent post about their project here with plenty of detail. ARTEKS took a very sculputral approach to the project but what is fascinating is how they were inspired by the trees that already […] Continue reading →

Metabolic Media’s Cellular Inspiration

Metabolic Media (a design collaboration between Nobel scientist Sir John. E. Walker and designer Rachel Wingfield of Loop.ph Design Research Studio) have created a piece as part of a exhibit entitled Nobel Textiles. In short, textile designers were teamed up with Nobel Prize winning scientists to design energy producing textiles that can be applied to […] Continue reading →

How Trees Transfer Water

Researchers Abraham Stroock and Tobias Wheeler at Cornell University, inspired by the trees amazing transfer of water from the deepest roots to the highest branches, have created a synthetic transfer system that could be used in heat transfer and soil remediation. Future development suggests building walls laid with large arrays of the transfer system constantly […] Continue reading →

How a Termite Mound Cools

The Eastgate Center Building in Harare Zimbabwe designed by Mick Pearce uses passive heating and cooling techniques similar to that of a termite mound to reduce the need for conventional air conditioning. An elaborate networks of vents store warm and cool air throughout the day and channels it into the building when needed. Continue reading →