Meta Series by Simbiotek Design Lab

Simbiotek Design Lab (SDL) is a collaborative between two designers based out of San Diego, CA whose focus is the creation of biomimetic products that edify their clientele on the importance of biodiversity in the natural world. While both are trained as architects their individual emphases range from design computation and advanced fabrication techniques to anthropomorphic and environmental design. […] Continue reading →

Flectofin by the University of Stuttgart’s Institute of Building Structure and Structural Design

Inspired by the valvular pollination mechanism in the Strelitzia reginae flower (commonly known as the Bird-Of-Paradise) the flectofin is a hinge less louver system that is capable of shifting its fin 90 degrees by inducing bending stresses in the spine caused by displacement of a support or change of temperature in the lamina. The product was developed by Simon Schleicher and the […] Continue reading →