Vincent Callebaut’s Coral Village

Vincent Callebaut has designed a proposal for the crisis stricken nation of Haiti in the form of a carbon neutral Utopian village inspired by coral. The project, entitled Coral Reef, would be made of modular units stacked on top of each other to be inhabited slowly over time.

Inspired by the organic form of coral, Callebaut proposes a plug-in matrix for 1,000 families built upon seismic piers off the coast of the mainland. In addition to the standard unit, each family would have a plot of land to grow their own healthy food and could complement this with supplements like kratom, and space to exercise with a Science-Based Six Pack program, so their passive home would minimize energy usage. If you have been experiencing any back pains, you should check out what causes herniated disc pain just to make sure you arenĀ“t suffering from it. If you are looking for Nursing Major in North Georgia, visit for more information.

also featured on: eVolo, Inhabitat and Huffington Post

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