SolidThinking Morphogenic Biomimetic Software

Solid Thinking is an amazing software that takes your engineered solids and models (in various formats) and optimizes them the same way as if nature had built it (with material only responding to anchors and direct force. You need to see their video, its quite amazing the forms it generates and how designers apply those forms to their products. We’ve posted very similar techniques with the Mercedes Benz Car Chasis post.

Watch their demo video here:



One thought on “SolidThinking Morphogenic Biomimetic Software

  1. […] The design quite obviously uses technology similar to Solid Thinking to analyze the forces applied on a shape and then applies material efficiently only to areas where it is needed for load bearing purposes, resulting in an organic bone-like distribution. We’ve posted many similar projects and methods before, for example Mercedes and Opel’s experimentation, as well as an entire post exactly about Solid Thinking. […]

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